Do You Have Any Complaints Regarding The HPRP Program?

Please list your complaints here regarding the HPRP Program.  I found a couple of websites that touch on problems surrounding this program.  I don’t understand why struggling families in need are experiencing these issues, isn’t this what the money is for — to HELP?

I am interested in hearing your complaints, especially in the Northern California area.  Please check out the following links.


In The Pursuit of Housing

Once upon a time ago, the words, foreclosure, eviction and homeless were foreign for so many households.  Homelessness has always been a growing problem in the United States, however in the past few years the numbers increased drastically.  In 2007 a friend of mine lost multiple properties, including his own home.  He and his son had to downsize from a spacious 4 bedroom house into a tiny 2 bedroom apartment.  I asked my friend what happened, he told me he was no longer working and that most of his tenants were no longer able to pay their rent because of job loss and other issues.  One tenant moved out on him in the middle of the night, he had no idea she had left; he was unable to maintain the mortgage on the properties and his home.

Stories surrounding foreclosure, eviction and homelessness were pretty scarce and didn’t draw national attention.  I re-call seeing a couple of news reports on families that had lost their homes, but that was pretty much it.  However, the following year I saw a news report on a couple that had been long term Oakland, CA residents.  The coupled appeared to be in their mid to late 60’s, they were arrested for going back into their home after it had been foreclosed on, they had no money and no place to go; this is when I really began to pay attention to the housing situation and I soon learned something was terribly wrong.

I was laid off at the end of October 2008.  I began to have my own financial woes; then my attention was directed to yet another disturbing news report.  It was around February 2009, Sacramento, CA homeless residents set up what was later named “Tent City”.  I could not believe my eyes; hundreds of homeless families made this place their home. The unique thing about Tent City, it was not filled with the chronically homeless, it consisted of families and individuals that had recently become homeless due to job loss.

Several months later, I was hit with the very thing that question the existence of human life; homelessness.  I no longer had to watch a news report to hear the jaw dropping news; I was my very own CNN News Report.  Never in my life, would I have imagined such a thing to happen to “ME”.  I was once the Woman who had everything; my friends use to borrow clothes and shoes from me.  I was hurt, angry and ashamed.  I was just like everyone else, I had exhausted all of my savings, I could not find a job, I was even told by several employers that I was “over qualified”.  The unemployment checks were not consistent, nor was it enough to cover all of the bills.  If it wasn’t for my daycare provider allowing my 3 children and I to move in with her for two months, I don’t know where we would have ended up; she was gracious enough to allow me to rent 2 of her 8 bedrooms.  It’s a scary feeling when faced with not having a safe, secure place to live.  I use to think so many other things were important, but nothing is more important than having adequate/affordable housing for yourself and your family.

1 year later, believe it or not, I am faced with yet the same issue again; this time we have no place to go.  I can’t find suitable, full-time employment and I no longer have a savings to pull from, that dwindled away 12 months ago.  Working part-time does not cover bills and daycare expenses.  My friend/former daycare provider is in the process of losing her second home; the first one foreclosed and was taken back by the bank several months ago.  She doesn’t know what’s going to happen to her home or her once thriving daycare business.  Being homeless has almost become a lifestyle; people are living in their cars, trucks and vans.  They’re sleeping in tents and moving from one flea bag motel to the next.

I have made phone calls and sent countless emails.  I can’t get Congress, The President or even Oprah to listen to my story.  Once again, this struggling, single mother is In The Pursuit of Housing.

9/22/10 – UPDATE: Are YOU In Need Of Housing???

I am very passionate when it comes to families, especially struggling single Mother’s having everything that they need, want and desire, particularly when it comes to housing.  At the end of the day, EVERYONE should have a stable, secure, safe place to live.  I pray with all of my heart that this information is helpful to you or someone you know!  Please re-post!!!

With everything that has transpired with the housing market crash, jobs and UNEMPLOYMENT, a number of families/individuals have become homeless or are on the verge of becoming homeless.  I have read many hurtful and disturbing posts.  Personally, I don’t know how millionaire’s sleep at night; if I was one, I’d be broke from trying to help families in distress.  I would do everything in my power to END the fight against hunger and homelessness.

I have searched online for apartment rentals, and during my search I’ve seen ads that said “No Bankruptcies within the last 3 years, No evictions, No Felonies, Must have good credit” (my God who has any good credit left these days).  So…I thought to myself, there has to be a program(s) out there to help the people who fall into these categories.  Bad things happen to Good people, I’m a living witness to that.

I was on Craigslist in the apartment section, I typed in “evictions”, not much came up.  I then typed in “2nd chance” BINGO!!! It was like hitting the lottery!!!  I saw one ad after another, there are a number of properties that participate in what’s known as the 2nd Chance Rental Program.  If you have a broken lease, eviction, bankruptcy, bad credit and even a felony – NO VIOLENT CRIMES, there are apartment complexes out there willing to work with you!  Of course they will need pertinent information from you.

I have found this program in the following states, listed under the following search terms.

Sacramento, CA – 2nd Chance; Texas – 2nd Chance;  Georgia – no credit check; Illinois – no credit check & 2nd chance; Michigan – no credit check and pre-pay for an entire year.  (Pre-paying rent for an entire year in my opinion is an excellent option if you have the money).

There may very well be other states offering the 2nd chance program or something similar, please go online and do your research.  Craigslist – Housing – Apartments/Housing.

If there is indeed a Tier 5 Unemployment extension, at least you know that you and your family will have 20 weeks of housing, you don’t have to worry about sleeping in a vehicle or staying in a motel.  *Some of the apartment complexes are offering move-in specials and free rent.  This in my opinion is definitely a 2nd chance!  Be sure to reach out to your local agencies/churches for rental deposit assistance.  Some agencies will help with the deposit and first month’s rent.  Combine that with a rental special (i.e. – 1/2 off first month’s rent or 30 days free rent) you can finally start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the Dallas, TX area there is a home buyer program, the requirements are as follows:

580 FICO score, Earn $4000 per month combined income, $500 down and you qualify for a brand new home!

Please stay strong, positive and encouraged!  Keep fighting the good fight of faith.  Continue to reach out for assistance (rent, utilities, clothes, shoes, food, furniture items, Christmas toys for the children – help is out there) get into an educational training program, continue to apply for jobs EVERYDAY — your prayers will be answered!


9/22/10 – UPDATE:  I wanted to post an actual 2nd chance leasing ad for you to see with your own eyes…there is hope out there, we just have to create it for ourselves.  Rent a 1-bedroom, save money until you get back on your feet financially.


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Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Justified As Jobless Rate Rises to 5 Month High

I read an interesting article on the title the article speaks for itself “Extension Justified As Jobless Rate Rises to 5 Month High”

EXCUSE ME, BUT ISN’T THIS WHAT WE’VE BEEN SAYING FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS; AND YES, I’M YELLING. IT SHOULD NOT TAKE STATISTICAL DATA FOR SOMEONE…hint..hint Congress to get a clue.  Listen to the PEOPLE.  No-one can tell you about their personal situations better than they can.  Congress can kick rocks for all I care.

Before it’s all over, said and done with, we’re going to need a Tier 5, 6 & 7.  The current date is August 12, 2010 Congress will return September 13th, 2010.  I wonder how many more will lose their homes, cars and apartments between now and then.  When will the extension payments roll out, October?? November??  I feel for the ones that have been without money for months.

According to online reports, the extension will likely add an additional 20 weeks of benefit payments.   As I have stated in several of my blogs, PLEASE utilize your creative talents to earn extra money or start a new business.

As you’ve experienced, you CANNOT rely on anyone but yourself.  PLEASE stay strong and make a way out of no way!

Do your best to remain POSITIVE. Look in the mirror EVERYDAY and tell yourself, “I AM GOING TO MAKE IT, THIS TOO SHALL PASS”…

Please visit this link to read the above mentioned article…

Wishing you all the best!

~ SolitaryParent

Jobs Bill

Nancy Pelosi will have Congress return early from their 6-week break to vote on the Jobs Bill.   I DID NOT read anything about a Tier 5 extension.

However, I read food stamps will be SLASHED to financially support the jobs bill.  From all of the blogs, comments and news reports that I have read online, the number of families depending on food stamp benefits increased dramatically.  On that note, I am NOT understanding why the government is continuously cutting much needed programs and services.

This is a true WAKE UP call.  Please read my previous post “How To Use Your Creative Talents, To Make Money During A Recession”.  This is the time to become Entrepreneurs, it may take 10 people and a solid business plan to come together to jump start a business, but it can be done!  Your driving force is to get out of this reckless, non-supportive, unemployed situation as quickly as possible.   It’s terrible to have to rely on someone else/Congress to say Yes or No in exchange for you to feed your children and pay your bills!  You have to snatch that pen back and write your own destiny!

A friend introduced me to a company by the name of EIRO Research, I was very skeptical, after several weeks of researching the company and reviewing their generous compensation plan, I said YES.  I’d rather be in a position to write my own checks than to wait weeks/months for someone else to do it.  No-one cares more about you, than you!  Consider the opportunity, partner with as many trustworthy people as you possibly can and get yourselves  OUT of this unemployment nightmare. It’s only going to get worse.

If you have a Facebook page, search for me under I AM EIRO.  Utilize every opportunity to enhance the quality of your life.  Take a look at the website,

“Life’s up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals – Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want” ~Marsha Sinetar

How To Use Your Creative Talents To Make Money During A Recession

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” ~Confucious

The Department of Labor estimates 1.4 million 99ers have exhausted their regular and Tier unemployment benefits. A lack of funds/resources and transportation can have devastating effects on a family, which is why this article was written.

Deliver Newspapers.

Sell Avon, Mary Kay, consider other Multi-Level Marketing opportunities.

If you’re good at organizing, get paid to organize someone’s home and/or office.

Are you good at housekeeping? Try to clean 5 houses per day at $40 or $50 per house.

Are you good at drawing? Offer to draw wall murals for children’s bedrooms and/or playrooms.
Research the rates for this type of project, offer a discount and charge a rate that will beat your competition.

Are you an excellent cook? Hold a weekly or bi-weekly breakfast fund-raiser for your family and use a portion of the proceeds to buy groceries for another struggling family. Offer to cook healthy meals for busy families.

Are there construction workers in your area, can you make a good cup of coffee? In the mornings sell cups of coffee along with donuts, in the afternoon sell them home-made lemonade at $3.00 per cup, cherry lemonade & ice tea at $4.00 per cup. The dollars will add up!

Do you love to bake? Host a bake sale; everyone loves cakes, cookies and brownies.

Are you a handyman? A lot of people are buying foreclosed properties and need help with painting and removal of debris – collect a deposit for your services upfront.

Do you love kids and have experience? Place an ad – Corporate execs need Nannies.

Do have a passion for animals? Offer dog walking and bathing services.

Are you good at event planning? Look through the want ads plan someone’s dinner party, birthday party and/or wedding.

Do you enjoy running errands? Start your own grocery and errand running service; this will be especially helpful to the elderly, new moms and very busy households – offer special discounts.

Have you perfected making home-made ice cream? Encourage friends and family to purchase ice cream from you for the next party.

Are you good with make-up? Offer to do make-up for someone’s wedding party and pictures, you can charge $25+ per person + tips and have them provide their own make-up.

Are you a good writer? Start blogging for dollars.

•Always keep in mind, everyone is not struggling, there are people out there willing and capable to pay you for your services!

•In conjunction with the things mentioned above, reach out to local churches in your area, maybe they will allow you to host a breakfast for the congregation.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” ~Unknown

99er Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill

The Department of Labor estimates 1.4 million 99ers have exhausted their regular and Tier unemployment benefits.  Beginning Monday, August 9, 2010 Congress will take yet another break, this one will be 6-weeks in length.  Please tell me who can wait 6 weeks to pay rent, or shall I say what landlord will wait 6-weeks to collect rent?  I have NEVER in my life witnessed anything like this.

I think Congress fail to realize bills are continuously flowing in.  Rent, Mortgage and utilities need to be paid; we need to maintain a cell phone to have contact with potential employers and the outside world, since most of us CANNOT afford to have home phones.  For the solitary parent’s we still have to find a way to feed our children nutritious meals; provide them with clothes, shoes and school supplies.

Congress has the nerve to complain about the money being spent on extended benefits and its effect on the deficit, however, I don’t see any of them volunteering to take a pay cut combined with UNPAID vacations.  I have NOT personally verified this information as of yet, but I was online reading comments relating to unemployment and one of the subscribers stated, “companies like SONY and Emerson will not consider the unemployed and there’s an article that quotes an Adecco Mgr as saying “some of our clients have told Adecco not to refer an unemployed candidate”.

Are you kidding me?  I was stunned when I read the statement.  All I can say is, NO LOYALTY, NO SUPPORT!  Do your research people and beware of the company you’re purchasing products from, if they’ve implemented a “Do Not Hire The Unemployed Campaign”…We The American People Need To Implement A “DO NOT Buy From Those Who DO NOT Support The Unemployed Campaign”.

It looks as if it will be towards the end of October, early November before a decision regarding Tier 5 is made.  As I stated in my previous post, brace yourselves, utilize your creative talents to earn money during this recession.  I will RE-POST the information, it’s extremely helpful.  When and IF a Tier 5 extension is passed, the power is there to CUT IT OFF at any given moment.  Question to ask yourself, if approved, how long will Tier 5 last – 6 weeks?  8 weeks? 10 weeks?  I can’t stress this enough, use your God given talents, you’re on your own now!  *I just had an idea, keep record of the jobs you apply for, position, co name – etc.  We, all 1.4+ million of us need to send those letter to Congress, CNN, Fox News and other stations demanding them to investigate why these companies are NOT hiring the unemployed, they need to be exposed.  I just received a turn-down letter in the mail this past Friday, from a position I applied for about “3” months ago.  It’s beyond rough out there, but through it all, PLEASE do your best to maintain a POSITIVE attitude, look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself “I WILL MAKE IT”.  I am asking people to NOT give up, things will get better.  Continue to apply for job opportunities.  PERSISTENCE pays off, in today’s economy we just need a double dose of it.

Pleas read “How To Use Your Creative Talents To Earn Money During A Recession”.

Hang in there!

~Solitary Parent