New Developments on Federal Unemployment Extensions

I HOPE THIS POSTING HELPS!!!  For those of you that will have your benefits re-instated, PLEASE keep in mind, the benefits will end on or before November 30, 2010…save your money, downsize, do whatever you need to do to position yourself, because I doubt if there will be a 5th tier or another extension, I could very well be wrong, but prepare yourselves just in case – be pro-active and think ahead.  I cannot stress this enough, reach out to your local churches and agencies, enroll in school – the monies left over will be sent to you in a check or deposited directly into your account, take any and all free job training opportunities availalbe through the Employment Development Department (EDD).  All I can say is…POSITION YOURSELF.  You DO NOT want to find yourself in this same situation come November.  POSITION YOURSELF.

The website for the EDD office here in California is Please read the updates below:

New Developments on Federal Unemployment Extensions
(Updated July 21, 2010)The U.S. Senate has approved legislation authorizing further access to federal unemployment extension benefits. The bill now moves to the House of Representatives for concurrence and to President Obama for signature. A reauthorization of federal extension benefits could become effective by the end of this week. The move would allow more than 400,000 people in California who have experienced a disruption in extension benefits since early June to regain access to such benefits.

The new federal legislation provides for eligibility retroactive to June 2, 2010 and extends access to the maximum amount of extension benefits through November 30, 2010. It does not provide any additional benefits to the current maximum of up to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Unemployed individuals may be eligible for assistance to meet basic needs as well as other services such as health care, counseling, employment and training assistance. Read the Assistance for Unemployed California Residents flyer for more information.

EDD stands ready to respond quickly to the reauthorization of extension benefits. About 145,000 of our customers affected are those who were collecting on the last extension claims called the FED-ED extension in California.

EDD has been advising these customers to continue submitting completed continued claim forms in the event Congress took further action on the extensions. For those who have done so, EDD should be able to start issuing checks to eligible claimants by next week.
For those who have not submitted claim forms, EDD will be issuing such forms next week so eligible claimants can certify for further FED-ED benefits.
The department has been maintaining a list of the remaining 255,000 of our affected customers. These are customers who ran out of either a regular UI claim or one of the four tiers of federal extension claims over the last several weeks. Some of these claimants have already received claim forms in the event Congress took further action. EDD will automatically file the next level of extension claim for the remainder of these customers. There is no need to contact the department. Staff will be working throughout the weekend so claim forms can be sent to these individuals next week.

Customers will receive claim forms in rapid succession over the next few weeks to complete quickly and send back to EDD. The department will issue checks for eligible weeks of unemployment until we are caught up on all retroactive weeks of benefits on these claims.
The Congressional action being taken now will not have an effect on the more than 150,000 individuals in California who have already run out of the maximum amount of extension benefits available, up to 99 weeks total. At this time, no further weeks of benefits are being added to the maximum benefits available.

In addition, the new bill does not continue the subsidy for COBRA health coverage. It also does not allow for the $25 federal stimulus payment added to each week of unemployment benefits on any new claim filed after May 23, 2010. For any existing claims already receiving the extra $25 payments, those payments can continue until the customer runs out of benefits or until December, whichever comes first.

EDD is closely monitoring developments regarding the federal extension of unemployment benefits. We strongly encourage our customers to monitor this Web site for updates, or sign up for our Twitter messages that advise you when new information is posted.


2 responses to “New Developments on Federal Unemployment Extensions

  1. we are all in a terrible situation – use your IRAS, sell your
    second car. find any work, sell on craigs list –survive

    These bastards will pass tier 5 – but your house and cars
    may go first

  2. I never have seen anything like this in my whole life stop the wars invest in in the usa,on weekeds already in the woods sawing up firewood,took the rear seats out of my car to save on gas,go to the store to buy inside liners for my shoes so they can last longer. I never even took a home loan out or a car loan out,my car has 393.000 miles on it ,I go the junk yard to get 25 dollar tires if I need them .

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